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Activity holidays in the Alps | Courchevel.

There are 101 (well almost) summer activities to do whilst on a summer activity holiday in the Alps with Pleisure Holidays. From wake boarding on Annecy lake, via Ferrata and climbing in and around the peaks of the 3 Valleys and mountainboarding and biking on endless trails or white water rafting on the Doron.

Courchevel is beautiful in the summer....long warm days, weeks and weeks of sunshine. Whether it be families with small children, seasoned mountain bikers, thrill-seekers or simply those who want to get away from it all and try something new, Pleisure Holidays is the perfect place to base yourself for a summer activity holiday in the Alps.

Summer breaks & activity holidays are based in our summer accommodation, Chalet Merisiers.

Summer activity Holidays in the Alps | Packages

It's up to you, Everything (the full works), Something (in between) or Nothing (our basic offer)

1. Nothing £240

This is our basic offer, not quite nothing you will get......
-Accommodation and food (breakfast, packed lunch and evening meals with FREE wine)
-Guiding for mountain biking and mountain boarding

3. Everything £450

Full programme of activities, can be tailored to suit...... Example week:
-Day 1 Mountain biking
-Day 2 Rafting or canyoning
-Day 3 Mountain boarding
-Day 4 Free day
-Day 5 Wakeboarding and Annecy lake/town
-Day 6 Snowboarding
-Accommodation and food.
-Equipment for all activities.
-Transport to and from activities.
-Guiding for mountain biking and mountain boarding

2. Something £350

Choose one activity and do it all week......
-Accommodation and food
-Lift pass and/or transport for activity
-Guiding for mountain biking and mountain boarding
All of the above prices are per person for 7 nights accommodation at our fully equipped chalet in Courchevel France.....Click here for more information. Food consists of 7 breakfasts, 6 packed lunches and 6 evening meals with FREE wine.
Activity holidays in the Alps
mountian bike courchevel

Activity holidays in the Alps | Mountain Bike

With over 400 km of trails and enough lifts to move thousands of people an hour, to find the same area accessible in the summer for only a handful of people is unbelievable. You can literally ride all day and not see another mountain biker. Modern gondolas take you to the top...that is if you don't fancy pedalling. There are never any queues, unlike other alpine mountain bike centres, and the terrain is amazing.

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mountainboard courchevel

Activity holidays in the Alps | Mountain board

Mountain boarding Freeride Heaven? Courchevel, Three Valleys France (the largest ski area in the world) with over 600 km of trails is open to mountainboarders. Many of the trails are over 5km in length, the longest being around 15km! All lead back to the resort centre or next to a lift station to take you back to the top. How easy it that?!

Lifts run throughout July and August or at any other time the whole mountain is accessible by 4x4. Lifts give access to a huge area, which is used by very few people in the summer, and pretty much undiscovered by mountainboarders.

As well as the marked trails there is a huge amount of unmarked and untracked terrain. Wherever you look there is so much terrain to be discovered.

All this is accessible with a summer lift pass, ONLY £30 FOR 1 WEEK...... it also gives free use of the resort swimming pool.

What are you waiting for? Grab your board or use one of ours, we have No Sno and MBS available.

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wakeboard annecy

Activity holidays in the Alps | Wakeboarding

1 hour from Courchevel is the town of Annecy, with its beautiful lake (clearest lake in Europe), our favoured location for wakeboarding. With the water temperature averaging 20 to 24 degrees there is no need for a wetsuit and is perfect to swim in.

We hire a boat for the day and have our own wakeboard equipment. For beginners to experts you cant beat cruising up and down the lake on a hot sunny day, lazing in the boat waiting for your turn, getting into the bindings, dropping off the back, being pulled to your feet, carving/slashing the water as if you were in powder on your snowboard, cutting across the wake to get some air, smacking the water! And then getting ready to try again.

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rafting courchevel

Activity holidays in the Alps | Whitewater sports

Rafting, Hydrospeed, Canyoning, Hot Dog..... take your pick. All different and exhilarating in their own way.

Whitewater rafting

Rafting takes place in a large raft for up to 8 people and a guide, on 2 rivers only a short distance from Courchevel. The Doron which is 40 minutes of non-stop fun rapids (up to grade 4) virtually all the way or the Isere where you take a 22km 2 hour trip with a mixture of rapids (up to grade 4), paddling and chance for a swim! Be warned, the water is freezing!


Hydrospeed is just you, a large float like a body board, and the rapids! Try to follow the guide down the gorge section of the Isere for over 1 hour. Fully padded in your thick wetsuit you fly down stream bouncing off rocks, up and down through the rapids, using flippers on your feet to try and control your direction. Physical and tiring, awesome fun.


Canyoning first timers-use a canyon named Pussy! A mixture of abseiling, swimming, jumping, diving and sliding down a stream. The only way out is to follow the water. Pussy has a 60ft abseil into the canyon, 5 drops including a 15ft one into a 3m deep puddle! 3 waterfall abseils and a number of smooth rock slides. The more experienced then move onto bigger things! With further canyons available in the area. Bigger drops, bigger waterfalls, bigger slides. A guide will supply all the equipment, wetsuits and help you negotiate the canyon.

Hot Dog

A Hot Dog isn't just something you can eat, it's a 2-man inflatable canoe! It consists of a 2 hour trip on the Isere. Again, follow the guide through the rapids, this time though it is just you and your mate controlling the thing!

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summer snowboard tignes

Activity holidays in the Alps | Snowboard

All year round snowboarding is possible on the Tignes glacier. Tignes summer slopes are huge, the area is as big as some small/med sized winter resorts. From the top of the funicular 8 other lifts are in operation, 1 gondola, 2 chairlifts, 4 drag or T bars. These give access to some long slopes for good freeriding or warming up before hitting the park, just watch out for the crevasses!

The snowboard park is bigger and better maintained than any park we have seen at a winter resort this side of the Atlantic. There are 2 half pipes, 6 small/med table tops, 2 huge jumps (pros or insane only), quarter pipe, hip, plus numerous rails and other obstacles. All groomed and shaped every day. Although the park is frequented by many top riders and is used as training for many snowboard teams it caters well for all levels of freestyler beginner to expert.

Summer riding means early starts, first lift is 7:15, park closes at 12:00 and slopes close at 13:00. Alternatively there are other glaciers that offer summer riding at Les 2 Alpes (2 hours) and Switzerland (3 hours).

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rock climbing courchevel

Activity holidays in the Alps | Rock Climbing & Via Ferrata

Rock Climbing

Courchevel 1850 has an excellent indoor climbing centre, however for those who want to experience the real thing there is plenty of natural rock throughout the Three Valleys, to tackle under your own steam or under the watchful eye of a guide. The Vanoise National Park opens up a range of climbing options. There is also a climbing wall located in 1550.

Via Ferrata

If climbing up a sheer rock face attached to nothing but a rope is a little daunting then via ferrata is for you. It gives you the same feeling as scaling a mountain but with more security.

You follow marked routes, which are prepared with ladders, steps, bridges and ropes. Beginners can take their first steps at Lac de le Rosiere, where you will find fairly easy routes on which to find your head for heights!

There are more challenging routes at the Croix des Verdons, which can be reached by taking the Verdons cable car followed by the Saulire cable car and then walking for 10 minutes from the top station towards a crest. The route itself is quite physically demanding, leading you down narrow passages and along steep ledges, but is well equipped. The full route should take around 2-3 hours.

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too much to do in Courchevel

Too many activities to do!

As well as the activities listed above there are numerous other things to do and see in Courchevel & the Three valleys. Courchevel has an excellent indoor swimming centre. Attached to this are several tennis courts and an adventure climbing area. There is also a good paintball site in 1550. There are several Golf courses around the Three valleys, with a 9 hole course on the Verdons run. For the motor heads there are quads, motocross bikes and trails bikes available.

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