Courchevel snowboard Park

The Courchevel snowboard park is definitely one of the best rail parks we have seen. Suitable for beginners to experts, there is a run of seven perspex covered boxes with a row of blue and red kickers and a large spine as-well as a line of rails for more experienced riders. There is also a large air bag and kicker available...The perfect place to learn those corked 9's.

Courchevel snowboard park | overview

See below for overviews of the park. Most of the features have been identified however there are more features that cannot be seen.

The snowboard park is constantly being updated and modified so for an update of what is available please contact us.
Courchevel snowboard park gallery

Lewis jibs the Courchevel snowboard park

Team Pleisure rider, Lewis Courtier-Jones jibs the boxes in the courchevel park. See the video below.

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